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Unfortunately you can no longer
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as they will not allow updates
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What is HitBound® Radio?
It all started in 1984 when I was doing a project for my MBA with 98PXY in Rochester, New York.  I got to know the Program Director, Tom Mitchell (now Operations Manager at 93Q in Syracuse, New York), where I would make suggestions for new songs to add to his music rotation.  One day I suggested that he call the new songs that he played hourly: "HitBound". He got a jingle made by JAMS and each new song was preceeded by the HitBound jingle.
For 30 years I followed the radio industry but never did anything. I've always wanted to create a radio station that focused on New Hits as I used to try to "pick the new hits" before they became popular so a year or so ago, I started playing with creating a specific "format clock" and instead of using music rotation software, I created a killer spreadsheet to create my music rotations. "HitBound Radio" was born.
Rather than being like a typical Top40 music station that might play their top 3 songs every 90 minutes, I took that format and "turned it upside down"! EVERY DAY I add a new song called the "HitBound Debut" and I play it ONCE PER HOUR FOR 24 HOURS. Then for the next 3 days, it plays every 90 minutes and then it goes into a slower rotation, and so forth.
I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to send me your suggestions and comments at   -- Eric